Why Get A FREE Water Test With Culligan Lincoln Area?

We offer better options for better results.

  1. Convenience

    Your local Lincoln Area Culligan water experts will arrive at your home at a time of your convenience to give your water a FREE test for hardness and other contaminants. Want to go contactless? We offer options:

    • With your outside spigot per your directives
    • Front door/porch water sample pickup
    • Drop off a sample at your dealer
  2. Personalized Service

    Culligan’s in-home water test is hassle-free. There’s no mailing, and unlike other water test kits, we test EVERY tap in your home, with 85 years of industry experience to show you a way forward.

  3. It’s Easy To Schedule

    You can schedule your water test at any time. Fill out a form here on the website, or call us to confirm your appointment. A Culligan Water expert will arrive at your home and provide a complete analysis of your water, fixtures, plumbing and water-using appliances. The process takes around 30 minutes. This is a FREE public service! However, additional tests may be sent to our laboratory for further examination.

  4. But I Already Have A Water Filter

    There’s a good chance you already have some sort of home water filtration system. But what you can’t see can hurt you. It’s easy to pick up aesthetic issues such as chlorine, hazy water or rotten egg smell. But contaminants such as PFAS, lead, arsenic, bacteria and viruses can pass through store-bought filters and go undetected.

You Should Know

Get Your Water Tested If…

While home inspectors look for major issues such as leaks, they don’t usually test the tap water. When securing a new home, there’s so many steps and checkpoints. It’s easy to step over some that may be obvious. Make sure your water isn’t compromised.

Boil water alerts can happen when a water source becomes compromised or water mains break. While they usually resolve themselves in a few days, if you are seeing a pattern of these alerts in your area, you might want to check the composition of your water.

We offer EPA approved well testing for your Lincoln Area home. While this test is not free, it comes at an affordable price. Since private wells are not regulated, it’s recommended you test it twice a year.

Proudly serving Highlands, Belmont, Clinton, West Lincoln, Colonial Hills, Autumn Wood, South Salt Creek and all of Lancaster County, Nebraska.

Water Test Options

Why A FREE Water Test Is Easier Than Ever

In-Home Appointment

Outdoor Spigot Test

Water Sample Pickup

Drop Off At Our Dealership