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Lincoln’s Best Drinking Water, from the Water Filtration Experts

Lincoln’s drinking water comes from primarily groundwater sources, specifically from underground wells and aquifers located along the Platte River.  Although groundwater typically goes through minor levels of filtration as it seeps into the earth, it still needs to go through additional filtration before it reaches your tap.  While the additional level of filtration helps make the water safe to drink, it may not make the water enjoyable to drink.

Groundwater, or water that originates in underground aquifers and wells, is commonly known to cause hard water problems in homes.  Symptoms of hard water can cause you headaches in several areas throughout your Lincoln home.  In your kitchen and bathroom, you can experience white buildup or rust colored stains around your sinks, tubs, and plumbing fixtures.  Worse yet, you can have water that tastes and smells bad coming right from your tap, making the water that you drink, cook, and make beverages with unpleasant to drink.

Because of the water problems caused by your water source, you need a water expert that understands water treatment and the unique water problems plaguing your area.  Not only does Culligan of Lincoln have over 80 years of water treatment experience, but we also have a talented group of local employees who bring local knowledge about our area’s water.  So regardless of where you live in the Lincoln area, you can get the best quality drinking water right from your tap.  Get the customized solution to give you, and your home, the best quality water by calling Culligan of Lincoln, today.

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